Brass Quintet Music - Better Music, One Note at a Time
Better Brass Quintet Music - One Note at a Time
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Terms & Conditions delivers, at the time of sale, all music in the industry standard Adobe Acrobat ( PDF ) format.  Scores, i.e. music more than one instrument, contain both the score and the parts for the individual instruments or voices.  All scores are configured in standard orchestral format except when noted.

Depending on our agreements with different 3rd party music publishers, certain music may not be allowed to be delivered in Adobe Acrobat ( PDF ) format.  These arrangements will be printed at high resolution and sent by standard mail.  Postal fees will be applied to the cost of the music.  Additionally, these same agreements may preclude us from providing a sample page of any of the music; either score or part.  In this case, the sample page will contain a pseudo-view of the music which will contain title, instrument listing, clef, key, and meter.  A notification in the sample file will state that the music can be only ordered by printed copy.  In these cases, we will try to obtain a mechanical license so that an audio rendered sample can accompany the score in the listing.

The Adobe Acrobat ( PDF ) file you purchase may only be printed one time. It will not allow a second printing.  It cannot be copied. We give you permission to photocopy additional parts to cover your instrumentation.  If you have lost or damaged your purchased music, please contact us at .

No music in any format may be returned or exchanged.  This policy is the same as buying music at your local music store.  Ensure you have the correct piece of music before committing to purchase with PayPal.   PayPal is aware of out terms with our intellectual property and supports us.  Any disputed item in PayPal will resolve in our favor.   Please, double check the music you want to purchase before committing to the sale.

We do realize that things can happen out of the ordinary.  So, if your music file gets damaged during download for any reason, contact us at as soon as possible and we will replace it.

If you do not see what you’re looking for or require a different instrumentation in a piece of music on the site, write to us.   Changes in instrumentation usually take a day or two and will be posted on the site at no additional charge.  You pay only the same price as the music you want arranged.  New pieces in the public domain or classical pieces will be determined on a case-by case basis. Write to us at .  We’d love to hear from you.

Brass Quintet Music - Better Music, One Note at a Time

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