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All works listed on which are not original works and are based on Copyrighted music have been granted print licenses from the music publisher holding publishing rights to the music.

A print license grants an individual or other entity the right to sell the the published music as printed material in a different musical arrangement than the original published work.  This arrangement can be for different instrumentation, modified lyrics, additional lyrics, etc.   However, the music is usually in a different form than the original published work even if the new work is a simplified version of the original.

Print Licensisng is used extensively for educational purposes where a high school or college marching band want to perform the latest popular song and buys an arrangement of it for their specific instrumentation.   Usually, this arrangement is not published by the original publisher of the original song, but has been granted publishing rights to be sold by the arranger or the arranger's publisher.

As confusing as this may seem, all arrangements on which are based on Copyrighted music, has been secured a print license from the publisher. Additionally, credit has been given to the original composer.

Fees for obtaining a print licenses from music publishers vary.   In turn, our prices on these arrangments are based on the licensing fees we pay.   Unfortunately, it is not as straight-forward as sound recording mechanical licensing where a single fee for the number of recordings manufactured is paid to the publisher.  Additionally, print licensing ususally is processed via mail or fax because it is formalized by contract.   Hopefully this process will one day occur on-line and the publishing fee can be processed per item and be sent to the publisher electonically when the score is purchased.  Doing so would surely reduce the fees which have grown considerably high.

Brass Quintet Music - Better Music, One Note at a Time

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