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Brass Artists Who Have Performed Our Works

Richard A. White
Richard is principle tuba for the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra and member of the faculty at the University of New Mexico.  He has a dynamic approach to the tuba and performs solo works that were considered impossible to perform on the instrument until he raised the bar to a new standard.

Kevin Sanders
We don't have enough space (or fonts) to list Kevin's accomplishments.  He's currently on the faculty of the University of Memphis Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music and has a performance schedule that rivals The Beatles first USA tour in 1964!  When you check out his web site you'll wonder how he ever gets any sleep.

Triton Brass
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Triton Brass is an exciting musical collaborative comprising five of the region's most promising young talents.  TBQ performs extensively in numerous capacities, including recitals, educational concerts, and residencies.

Nottingham Brass Quintet
Originating in New Hampshire, The Nottingham Brass Quintet performs a rich mix of classical and popular works for brass quintet.  They have performed to critical acclaim at many venues in New England and the Northeast.

Bay Street Brassworks
Have Drummer - Will Travel!  Based out of Baltimore, but with members from throughout the country, Bay Street Brassworks is truly exceptional.  They perform very cool renditions of pop and jazz material.

Other Commercial Resources for Brass Music & Instruments

An excellent collection of brass ensemble and trumpet music primarily written by Charlie Peterson and Zack Smith.  We highly recommend the Tijuana Brass arrangements and the jazz charts.   Very cool, indeed.

Charles Colin Music
The definitive source for brass instrument jazz works maintained and arranged by Allan Colin.  If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist!  Check out the original charts by Miles Davis and Duke Ellington.  Looking for Triple High C in 37 Weeks?  It's here!

AK Brass Press
The largest single collection of brass arrangements by the Great Composers on the web.  With arrangements by Andrew Kissling, you will find everything you need from Bach to Weber.

Everett Longstreth
Everett wrote the book on big band arranging!  Actually two of them - which are available on his site in printed copy.  Book 1 explains in detail the harmonic process of popular arranging.  Book 2 expands the harmony and the ensemble size to full big band.  No other books detail the harmonic and mechanical processes like these books do.  Everett's charts are played by just about every notable big band.

TrueVee Trumpet® Mouthpiece Adapters
TrueVee® makes trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn mouthpiece adapters.  This allows the performer to use a favorite mouthpiece on a different instrument.  For example, the flugelhorn to trumpet adapter allows a flugelhorn mouthpiece to be used in a trumpet to produce a dark sound.  Also available is the TrueVee® trumpet mouthpiece in a V cup with heavy mass top and rifled backbore.  This mouthpiece comes in three cup sizes: shallow, medium, and deep with the rim being similar to a Bach 5C.  Other models will be available in the future.

Brass Quintet Music - Better Music, One Note at a Time

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