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As part of dorm40musicís commitment to trust, the confidentiality of personal information is paramount. We maintain high standards to safeguard personal information. We will remain vigilant in protecting that information and in using it in a fair and lawful manner.

To what does this Online Privacy Statement apply?
This Online Privacy Statement applies to the personal information that we collect from or about you via this dorm40music web site. This site may contain links to other Web sites, and this Online Privacy Statement does not apply to those sites. I f you link to any of those sites, we recommend that you review their privacy policies. If we change our privacy policies or practices, we will also change this Online Privacy Statement.

What personal and technical information do we collect via this site?
This site will collect personal information that you voluntarily provide, such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. This site may also collect information on your preferences, such as which pages within this site you visit; and certain technical information regarding your computer and operating systems, such as your Internet protocol address, domain name and system configurations and settings. We will not know who you are unless you tell us. Additionally, areas of this site are password-protected. Therefore, (a) once you submit your password and enter, this site will recognize who you are and will collect all information that you submit, including all electronic instructions (including all transaction information), and (b) any information collected about you from this site may be associated with other identifying information that we have about you.

How do we use cookies?
On this site, we may use cookies to gather information about site usage to help us improve the content, usability and functionality of this site, and to maintain session variables. Session variables are places in computer memory that store personal settings, such as user name and password. This helps us to authenticate our users and facilitate your navigation and entitlements throughout the site. The type of cookies dorm40music uses is per-session cookies which are not stored on your computer. You may disable the regular cookie feature of your browser if you desire and still navigate correctly as long as you keep the per-session cookie feature enabled.

How do we use, share and secure personal information that we collect via this site?
dorm40music does not share, sell, loan, or distribute this information internally or externally to other companies. All information, private or otherwise, is stored in secure areas in our network environment.

What should you know about e-mail?
We recommend that you not send us any individual personal information via non-secure methods of communication, including via public electronic communication channels, such as Internet e-mail, which are generally not secure.

Brass Quintet Music - Better Music, One Note at a Time

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