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Better Brass Quintet Music - One Note at a Time
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About Us is a music publishing concept allowing composers to directly publish their works without the need for a traditional music publisher.

The recorded music industry changed in recent years with consumers favoring downloaded music as opposed to compact disc.  Traditional music publishing has not changed due to the need for paper output.   Traditional music publishing allows for less new music in their catalogs, making it extremely difficult for unknown composers to obtain a traditional publishing contract, no matter how good the composer or his/her music is.

Similar to popular recording artists acquiring a recording contract, music publishers want to be assured of a return on their investment.  Therefore it is desirable for the artist or composer in question to have a proven track record.  This is very hard to accomplish in the recording business; close to impossible in the music publishing business. was first envisioned as a central repository to catalog, publish, and distribute printed music without traditional music engraving which is expensive and time consuming.  Instead, scores and parts are produced electronically as Adobe Acrobat computer files.  A music performing organization purchasing one of the on-line scores can then print the score and parts on their computer.

This method not only keeps the score’s cost low, but allows the end-user purchasing the score to print an additional score or part copy if one gets lost or damaged. also allows users to view a sample page of the score.  All that is required is the free Adobe Acrobat browser plug-in available at

Finally, an audio recording is available that can be listened to immediately or downloaded to listen to at a later time either on your computer or a portable device.  This is impossible to do while searching through the racks of music at your local music store.

We hope you enjoy our music and we are open to suggestions. Please send questions or comments by email to

Thank you.

Brass Quintet Music - Better Music, One Note at a Time

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